Roy-al Dysfunction: SUCCESSION and the Self-Destructive Dynasty

Amongst the many trends available in television and cinema these days, the self-destructive family dynamic remains among the most potent and popular, except the targets are successively growing bigger in stature. I have recently caught up on HBO’s Succession which, if you haven’t managed to catch it, truly is one of the finest pieces ofContinue reading “Roy-al Dysfunction: SUCCESSION and the Self-Destructive Dynasty”

Shock and Awe: X2 – X-Men United (2003)

With X-Men: Dark Phoenix on the horizon, a film predicted to signal the end of the original iteration of the X-Men franchise, I’ve decided to go back and revisit this highly influential collection of comic-book movies. We continue with Bryan Singer’s sequel, 2003’s X2… Though far more of a muscular and accomplished film than itsContinue reading “Shock and Awe: X2 – X-Men United (2003)”