Tony Talks #18: New Eureka Blu-Ray Goodness!

Greetings everyone! As you know, this year I’ve been doing quite a bit of reviewing for Eureka Entertainment, one of the best cult and classic movie labels out there in the UK who have been kind enough to send me screeners of their upcoming films. I’ve seen a bunch of movies I never would haveContinue reading “Tony Talks #18: New Eureka Blu-Ray Goodness!”

TV, Book, Movie and Podcast Roundup – Summer 2019

Welcome to September! Because there’s not enough useless information floating around on the internet, I thought I would update readers of this blog as to what I’ve watched/read over the previous month, each month, in the form of TV, movies and books. Some of this I will have reviewed on the blog but others I’ve justContinue reading “TV, Book, Movie and Podcast Roundup – Summer 2019”