Movie Review: TENET

Tenet is the first film in which Christopher Nolan winks to the audience that he, too, understands what a Christopher Nolan film is. How else to explain that John David Washington’s lead character is not just referenced as The Protagonist, but he describes himself as such at multiple points during the film. Washington’s mysterious, super-trained,Continue reading “Movie Review: TENET”

New Podcast: MOTION PICTURES #11 – ‘Insomnia & the Evolution of Christopher Nolan’

Brand new podcast appearance! In the latest episode of Motion Pictures, myself and my co-host Carl Sweeney discuss the films of director Christopher Nolan, expressly looking at his 2002 lesser-known noir Insomnia, as the fever of his new film Tenet takes everyone by storm. You can listen directly to the episode and subscribe via the following linksContinue reading “New Podcast: MOTION PICTURES #11 – ‘Insomnia & the Evolution of Christopher Nolan’”

Christopher Nolan has his own Pledge, Turn and Prestige

Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts… So states Michael Caine’s Cutler in The Prestige, the fifth film by director Christopher Nolan, and to some still his best, almost fifteen years later. The Prestige remains certainly the most intentionally tricksy of Nolan’s films; thus far a cinematic lexicon built on the cinematic puzzleContinue reading “Christopher Nolan has his own Pledge, Turn and Prestige”

Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk and his Cinematic Ideology

Across the last week, since the release of his latest movie Dunkirk, much has been written about Christopher Nolan, as always happens whenever he puts a picture out. Nolan may be the most divisive mainstream, heavyweight filmmaker working in cinema today. Some believe he’s a genius. Some believe he’s Stanley Kubrick reborn. Some even believeContinue reading “Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk and his Cinematic Ideology”