Mutated Anxiety at the Millennium: X-Men (2000)

With X-Men: Dark Phoenix on the horizon, a film predicted to signal the end of the original iteration of the X-Men franchise, I’ve decided to go back and revisit this highly influential collection of comic-book movies. We start with Bryan Singer’s original, 2000’s X-Men… Though not always discussed in the annals of great comic-book cinema,Continue reading “Mutated Anxiety at the Millennium: X-Men (2000)”

A Quiet Place (2018)

I went to see A Quiet Place at Cineworld Birmingham Broad Street on April 5th at the 16.40pm showing. This may seem a strange way to begin the piece but I type this in some vain hope that the two people sitting directly next to me, who didn’t stop nattering to each other for theContinue reading “A Quiet Place (2018)”