New Podcast: MOTION PICTURES – ‘Cinematic Royalty’ (The Queen & The Crown)

Brand new podcast appearance. In the latest episode of Motion Pictures, myself and my co-host Carl Sweeney, joined by special guest Sarah. L. Blair, are talking royalty with the return of prestige Netflix series The Crown. They discuss the series in the context of films about royalty, such as Stephen Frears’ The Queen, and how TheContinue reading “New Podcast: MOTION PICTURES – ‘Cinematic Royalty’ (The Queen & The Crown)”

New Podcast: THE X-CAST – ‘Detour’

Hosted by myself and a collection of X-Files fans, The X-Cast: An X-Files Podcast is a weekly series delving into each episode of The X-Files and exploring supplemental topics, alongside interviews with cast and crew and other special events. Returning to continue coverage of The X-Files Season 5, I’m joined by Carl Sweeney of TheContinue reading “New Podcast: THE X-CAST – ‘Detour’”